It’s a woke world, so nobody who pays attention is surprised there is such a thing as an official “Global Disinformation Index.” Truth be told, I thought it was comical. If we’ve learned anything in the last several years it’s how inept and incompetent the globalist Uniparty elite cabal really is. Not only that, but they are liars who push a “narrative” trying to accomplish their globalist goals of rule by an elite class of overlords who believe in technocracy, or rule by scientific “experts.” Of course, they claim to believe they are doing this for good and noble ends. They also believe the people who are the object of those ends are either too ignorant or stupid to know any better, so they in some way must be made to comply.

Thus some globalist geniuses learned from the Silicon Valley tech giants that only some speech is worthy of being free, and other speech has to be labeled as “disinformation,” whatever that might be. Well, we can be thankful the good folks at the GDI have told us exactly what it is:

GDI defines disinformation as “adversarial narratives, which are intentionally misleading; financially or ideologically motivated; and/or, aimed at fostering long-term social, political or economic conflict; and which create a risk of harm by undermining trust in science or targeting at-risk individuals or institutions.”

Ah, “intentionally misleading.” Of course, these people know beyond a shadow of a doubt what other people’s motives are. Got it. And of course, we couldn’t have anyone “undermining trust in science.” We know now, since the enlightened elites have informed us, that “science” is our savior and must not be blasphemed. The “adversarial narratives” are those which in any way challenge or reject the accepted narrative of the globalist technocratic elite. How convenient! There is an awful lot of fly food coming from our GDI masters made to smell like roses.

One thing in all this pabulum they do get right is that we are in an information war in which the PSYOP is everything. What exactly is that?

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

The most successful PSYOP in the history of the world by far was the Covid scam. Whatever Covid was or is, it was not the bubonic plague—the reaction was not commensurate with the actual threat to public health. The reaction was, however, a test run by the globalist elite cabal for what they’ve called the Great Reset, in the very words of Klaus Schwab. No thanks, Klaus! I like the world of sovereign nation states just fine.

These globalist tyrants will be no more successful at stifling free speech and ideas they disagree with, than they were with “flattening the curve.” It will work as well as masks do in keeping people from getting ill from a cold virus, which is not at all, and be as effectives as a vaccine against a cold virus, which is completely ineffective, when not harmful. All told, the GDI tyrants will fail miserably, they just don’t know it yet. The question is why they will fail. It’s simple: The Gutenberg Press of the 21st century, the Internet, our primary weapon in this information war.

Prior to the Internet it was much easier for the elite establishment to wage information warfare. When I was growing up information sources were limited to a handful of TV stations, AM and FM Radio, most of which was controlled by the same corporations as television, and newspapers that were mostly part of the same liberal echo chamber. When I discovered I was a conservative in the early ‘80s, it was terribly frustrating. I found the then reliable conservative publications of National Review and the Wall Street Journal Editorial Pages, but they got bad cases of TDS and are now shills for what I call Con Inc. Then Rush Limbaugh came on the scene on August 1, 1988, and it was positively shocking to hear conservative ideas on the radio. Then Al Gore invented the Internet and everything changed; climate Change Al is a very talented guy. While he was working on the Internet, Fox News was founded in 1996, and left-wing CNN finally had a conservative competitor. But cable is not the Internet, and we’ve seen how Fox has been coopted by Con Inc. and spouts the approved narrative whatever that happens to be, save Tucker who brings in far too much revenue to silence.

One of the best things we ever did was to de-couple from the Matrix by completely stopping any TV watching in our house, and that for me includes no sports. When professional sports leagues started going woke, and accepted all the Covid nonsense, I was done. What a blessing it is to not have to endure television commercials. Whatever advertising we have to endure on the Internet, can easily be skipped or ignored. We can also stream whatever we want to watch and so determine the content. Anyone who still watches cable or television news doesn’t realize how they are being programmed to see things according to “the narrative,” whatever that might be. I’ve learned that whatever “the narrative” is, the very consensus among the media and political elites is likely the exact opposite of the truth. It’s cynical, but necessary.

What’s also necessary is to search out information sources that question “the narrative.” Google, which owns Youtube, completely cooks the books in terms of search results to make sure people see only what they want them to see. It doesn’t mean information contrary to “the narrative” isn’t there, only that it’s really hard to find. The thing is, truth can never be fully, ultimately suppressed, because truth is ultimately incarnational, the very Son of God who is truth itself. Lies are unsustainable and can’t win in the long term. They can cause immense suffering and hardship, but they are ultimately futile. Just as we’re responsible for our own health, we’re responsible for finding truth whatever and wherever it might be, as best as we can discern it.

The reference to the Gutenberg Press and the analogy to the Internet is profound. The elite of the 15th and 16th centuries were the Roman Catholic Church and the nobility. What they wanted people to know, is what they were allowed to know. Then Johannes Gutenberg went and ruined everything with his invention of the first every movable type press in the mid-15th century. Less than a century later printing technology had so improved in quality and pricing that when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to the church door at Wittenberg in what he thought was a little internecine Catholic squabble, it took the European world by storm. The 21st century Gutenberg Press is doing the same thing only this time worldwide, and the globalist elites will no more be able to contain it than the Catholic Church and nobles contained the Reformation.


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