When I pray in the morning it seems that I always start praising God for revealing himself to us in creation, Scripture, and Christ. Each means of God revealing himself to us astounds and flabbergasts me in its own way. I have a hard time conveying just how grateful I am to him for making himself so real to me, to us, to his people. It is impossible for me to believe in the alternatives to our biblical Creator God. Whenever I doubt, and every psychologically healthy person does, I just look at creation, and marvel: Our God is real! I will briefly deal with Scripture and Christ in following posts, and show why my reaction to those modes of God’s revelation is the same.

The human body is part of this revelation of God in creation. Sure we know it’s a pretty amazing and complicated piece of machinery, but most of us don’t have any idea just how amazing and complicated. I heard a podcast recently from Evolution News called “Forty Parameters of the Designed Body” that gave me a small glimpse into this amazingness, and I found out about an 81-part series at EN called “The Designed Body” by a Doctor Howard Glicksman. Yes, you read that correctly, 81 (I linked to the last page which is the first article in the series). I’ve only read nine so far, and it is difficult to convey how revealing (pun intended) the human body is of God’s handiwork. I plan on reading all 81 over time, but what I’ve read so fare is mind blowing.

The Stupefying Complexity, Functionality, and Beauty of Creation: God is the Only Explanation

Here’s the deal. The only thing that can explain the human body is God. It’s not even debatable. The more you know about how the body functions, the intricate and minute details of exactly how things have to work to keep us alive, the more absurd any unguided, purely material process becomes as an explanation for it. It is simply not possible that we are products of chance. I would challenge anyone struggling with their faith to start reading those 81 articles, and come away thinking that atheism is the least bit plausible. Not only is atheism implausible, it is impossible! It just is. To take just one example, the designed and engineered complexity of the cells in our body, the trillions of them, is insane!

The Apostle Paul says in Romans 1, that God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—are clearly seen, that they are understood from what has been made. I see these qualities in what might called a sort of trinity of creation, it’s Complexity, Functionality, and Beauty. These are apparent all over creation, and the human body is only the apex of God’s exquisite handiwork. The more you learn, the more flabbergasted you are that it works at all, that it is functional, given the zillion (and that might not be an exaggeration) of things that have to go just right for it to work, and for us to live.

The stories of children going off to college and coming back home doubting their faith seem legion. How much that actually happens I have no idea, but whenever it does, a discussion about the cell and the trinity of its creation would be a good place to start rebuilding that faith. No person honestly looking at the Complexity, Functionality, and Beauty of the cell would conclude it is merely a product of chance, a cosmic accident. In fact, it is not we who see the obvious who should be on the defensive, as I’ve taught my children all their lives. The secular culture tells us we should be, and that’s why in a loving, Christian way, of course, with my kids I mock those who think atheism (materialism) is even the least bit plausible or possible. The awesome engineering of the human body reveals the incomprehensible greatness of our God, not chance, and it’s not even close.

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