You might be familiar with the Netflix series, The Last Kingdom, and if so you might think it a very strange thing that it would have anything to do with my mind being programmed by modern medicine. I realized, looking back, how easily I, and by extension all of us, can be programmed to believe certain things. That programming is the result of the power of culture to shape and mold our perspectives on reality. The sociological term for that is plausibility structures, or the frame of reference in our mind that makes certain things seem real, and other things seem not real, plausible or not.

The age of COVID has been a huge plausibility experiment, or what some might called a PSYOP. That word refers to two words, psychological operation, which originated in the military and means “operations meant to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.” As a PSYOP, COVID has been masterfully played. All the most powerful cultural, business, and government institutions, including the military, bought and sold the COVID narrative, and if anyone didn’t, they were cancelled or ridiculed or worse, and it won’t stop anytime soon. What’s staggering is that the entire world bought it all pretty much without question. Powerful indeed.

The PSYOP COVID, however, didn’t work on me. Rather, it caused me to question many things I believed and took for granted. I actually thank God for it, as much as I believe it’s been a nightmare in so many ways. I wrote recently how COVID opened my eyes about many things related to medicine and health, especially modern medicine. I never before questioned the way modern medicine is practiced based on something called Germ Theory. I had never heard of Germ Theory before, but had been programmed all my life to believe it. The basic idea is that illness is caused by things outside of us, germs, that come into us and cause disease, and the only way to heal disease is through some sort of medicine. I have always thought of medicine as something man-made, put together in a laboratory with chemicals. It never occurred to me, literally, that things that grow out of the ground could have healing effects on the human body. That’s what medicine did. This is where The Last Kingdom comes in.

The story takes place in the latter part of the 9th century in modern day England during the reign of King Alfred the Great. It’s an incredible story of the influence of Christianity building a civilization and beating back the pagan hordes of the north whose lives reflect everything we would consider anti-civilized. King Alfred had stomach or intestinal issues, and in one of the seasons a pagan women gave him some plants and herbs that helped his malady. When I look back at those episodes post-COVID, I realized how programed I had become by the perspective of modern medicine. I remember thinking, almost subconsciously at the time, that this was Hollywood talking, and we all know that only man-made medicine, you know, stuff made in a laboratory with chemicals, is the only thing that can really heal us. I obviously knew about the amazing God created human immune system, but without the medicine, I seemed to believe, the body couldn’t really heal itself, or that things that grow out of the ground certainly couldn’t do what “medicine” does.

All my life, I’d been programmed or indoctrinated to think a certain way about medicine (we all have), so much so that I never questioned it, until COVID. Such is the power of plausibility structures; they just seem so real we never question them, until something traumatic forces us to ask questions. Given these realizations about how programmed I was, and how little I knew about modern medicine and it’s history, I’ve been reading up and listening up, diving into an entirely new world of knowledge. There plenty out there for those who have the temerity to question “the narrative” of “the science” that masquerades as the only way to heal the body. I just started Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions by Dr. Carolyn Dean, and just a short way in I realized none of what’s happening in Covidstan should surprise me. It is basically baked into the “modern medicine” cake.

What has been so exciting about this paradigm shift for me is that it has caused me to focus on one of the most incredible parts of God’s creation—the human body, and the immune system God designed for our well-being. For me, it’s an exploration of the revelation of God in creation, as I recently wrote, and the improbable incomprehensible preposterous complexity of creation—and the human body is as preposterously complex as it comes! And yes, things that grow out of the ground enable the body to heal itself, and I now believe that ought to be the default position of any approach to our health.

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