Living in a culture that is so suffocatingly secular, we are programmed to think that life explains itself. Whether we think of evolution or Darwinism, or not, the tendency for most people is not to see God in everything, as we should, but to see things in and of themselves, as if they got there by some “natural” process. Although it’s completely insane and illogical, people too easily accept that life just created itself. I know, it’s ridiculous. Yet our cultural elites, our supposed intellectual betters, expect us to believe that some king of random, unguided, material process can explain everything. In fact, it explains absolutely nothing! I’ve been slowly reading through a series of 81 articles at Evolution News about “The Designed Body,” and reading it makes it impossible for one to be an atheist.  And when I use the word impossible, I mean impossible! I challenge anyone to read how heart valves work, and then tell me with a straight face that “random, unguided, material processes” could account for it:

When it comes to the heart and how its valves work within the laws of nature, it is important to remember that those laws state that the pressure inside a chamber with a given amount of fluid is inversely related to the size of the chamber. This means that with a given amount of blood inside an atrium or a ventricle, if its volume decreases, the pressure within it increases, and if its volume increases, the pressure within it decreases. Also, just like in meteorology, where air always moves from an area of higher to lower pressure, so too, when a pathway is available, blood always moves from an area of higher to lower pressure.

In the left side of the heart, at the beginning of systole, when the ventricle begins to contract, the pressure within it quickly rises above that of the left atrium, causing the mitral valve to close. This prevents blood from flowing back into the atrium. As systole continues, and contraction of the left ventricle peaks, the pressure within it rises above that of the aorta and forces the aortic valve to open. This allows blood from the left ventricle to flow out of the heart into the systemic circulation.

Then, as blood leaves the left ventricle and it begins to relax, the pressure within it quickly drops below that of the aorta, making the aortic valve snap shut to prevent blood from going back into the heart. Early in diastole, as the left ventricle relaxes further and venous blood from the lungs returns to the left atrium, the mitral valve opens because the pressure within the left atrium rises above that of the left ventricle.

Throughout diastole, the blood returning to the left side of the heart through the pulmonary veins enters the left ventricle through the left atrium by way of the open mitral valve. The same process takes place in the right side of the heart for the tricuspid and pulmonary valves as well. With diastole ending and systole beginning, the cardiac cycle starts over again and the heart valves open and close as dictated by the laws of nature.

Is that incredible, or what! If you, or your children, or anyone you know, is ever tempted to doubt God’s existence (which means you have to believe everything is a result of “random, unguided, material processes,” and that everything came from nothing for no reason at all), just read this, and have them read this. If anyone can read it and think that God is not the best and only explanation for such stupendous engineering and artistry that makes life, and our lives, possible, their blindness goes very deep. It is of course spiritual blindness because only that could explain a rejection of what is so perfectly obvious.

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