I wrote a piece earlier this year about how Tim Keller like many Evangelical leaders believes there is some kind of moral equivalence between “the extreme left, and the extreme right.” Contra Keller, I argue that there is no “radical right” today, while the entire left is demonstrably radical by any definition of the word. This, however, isn’t an argument about definitions of radical, but rather what separates the two sides of the political/cultural divide in the 21st century West. That separation is at the heart of what determines whether civilization is possible, or not, and comments about “extreme” or “radical” or “far” one way or the other are beside the point. What is not, is truth. In our time, that is the only relevant divide; not party or position or policy, not liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, or even Christian or not, as obviously critically important as all those are. Why I believe this is because my fundamental conviction about reality is that Truth exists and is a found in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, who proclaimed himself, “the way and the truth and the life.” So, truth is about much more than statements of fact, or the way things are; it is a person.

Western culture decided to jettison that person a long time ago, and thus truth. Almost the entire world today is “western,” in that it has embraced secular Enlightenment rationalism. Because of that, it partakes of the disease of that philosophy’s logical conclusions, which disease has been germinating for several hundred years: the death of truth. Once the West rejected Christ, and thus Christiandom, it was only a matter of time before it rejected truth. Of course, truth cannot die because reality is defined by it and him, but we’ve entered the world of full-blown postmodernism where all that counts is “the narrative.”

Whatever that narrative might be, it is pushed by all the dominant levers of cultural and political power. It comes in the form of “racism” or “white privilege” or “gun violence” or Ukraine or “climate change” or the January 6 “insurrection” or covid, or the political class’s cause de jeur. To the left, which has completely taken over the Democrat Party and the media, all is politics, and the ideological agenda is all, so “the narrative” must serve that agenda. If anyone questions “the narrative” they must be “othered” for promoting “disinformation” and silenced. That means there can be no debate with “the narrative,” which is what happens when truth is sacrificed to ideology. People of the left will pay lip-service to truth, but the totalitarian nature of their politics gives lie to that. There can be no debate in an empire of lies built on narratives; those who question the narrative are the enemy.

Only in a world where truth is acknowledged to exist, and sought as an ultimate good, can there be debate and tolerance of divergent views. As soon as truth is thrown under the bus, all that is left is “the will to power.” Everything in the society of the left is a power dynamic, one oppressed group against another, privilege vying for power. Whoever wins controls “the narrative” and determines “the truth.” This is Marxism 101, or applied to society as a whole, cultural Marxism. There can be no compromise with Marxism. Anyone who tries to compromise with it, will be complicit with it, and eventually coopted by it. The only way to defeat it is truth, the affirmation of its existence, and the pursuit of it as the highest good. In this war, Christians must always affirm not truth in the abstract, but that truth is the person of God in Christ, that truth ultimately matters and is ultimately real because truth is God himself, and it only exists because God himself exists.

Which brings us to why truth is the dividing line of our time. Our elites are cultural Marxists, which has caused the liberals among them to flee for their cultural and political lives. To me, this is one of the most encouraging things to come out of the takeover of government and culture by the woke mob. What separates these liberals from the left is that they actually believe in truth, that it exists, that it is the highest good, and must be pursued, the “narrative” be damned. There has been a run on red pills by liberals over the last several years. You can see the shock on their faces, and hear it in their voices, that so many of the people they once considered their allies, have rejected and “othered” them simply because they seek and want to know the truth. These liberals are willing to call out “the narrative” as a lie or distortion, and the Marxists will never forgive them.

There are many examples of this, but one of the most amazing to me is feminist author Naomi Wolf. I’ve watched her often on Steven Bannon’s War Room for well over a year now, and her transformation has been remarkable. And because truth is a person, she has even had something of a spiritual awakening, as can be seen in this remarkable interview she did with Tal Bachman some months back. Others who have been red pilled are Joe Rogan, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Journalist Bari Weiss, who resigned from the New York Times because of it, and many others. Even Bill Maher almost sounds reasonable at times. And I’ve come to consider Elon Musk a cultural ally because, as he explained in a TED interview a couple months ago, he is obsessed with truth. That is a good obsession!

Why should we be thrilled with this growing cultural divide?

  1. On a temporal plane, we now have allies we would have never had before to fight with us against the Marxists in our midst. In a way they would have never been before, they are now committed to the Constitution, and liberty and justice for all.
  2. On a spiritual plane, it creates a more welcoming cultural environment for Christianity and the gospel. The true liberals, the ones who have been red pilled, have seen the ugly implications of postmodernism and the corresponding embrace of a politics of “the narrative” and rejection of truth. They will naturally be more open and accepting of Christianity. The virulently secular anti-Christian culture won’t change overnight, but a premium put on truth will make a difference in the long run.
  3. God is exalted and Christ is glorified when truth itself is exalted. To those who believe in and seek truth, Christians can plausibly point to and argue for he who is the Truth as Lord and Savior.
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