It’s kind of apparent that we are in a culture war. Make no mistake, conservative Christians didn’t start it, but we can’t escape it. Christianity had a great run in Western civilization as the default view of reality, over 1,500 years! That, of course, is no longer the case. The breakdown started a long time ago, arguably by the 1,600s, and Christianity ever since slowly, imperceptibly at first, lost influence and authority in the West. Even into the mid-20th century there was a thin veneer of christian influence in American culture, but that ended with what we’ve come to call The 60s. With the rise of the sexual revolution, the assault on all things Christian broke out into the open. The deconstructing of the family became job one of the secularists, and sadly many Christians have gone along for the ride.

It started with “no fault” divorce in the 60s and 70s, making the permanence of marriage optional, and the pill contributed to the illusion that sex without consequences, divorced from procreation, was available to all. That hasn’t created the Utopia its advocates claimed it would, and misery has followed in its footsteps. That hasn’t stopped those who assert morality free sex is a human right, but it has completely distorted the true nature of God’s  purpose in creating man, male and female he created them. The church has unfortunately surrendered to one degree or another to the anti-natalist assumptions of the secular vision of the sexes, and the family. That means we’ve given up the most powerful weapon against the enemies of the faith: children. Religious people, including Christians, on average have more kids than the secular, but not nearly the numbers they should.

I came across two articles recently that address children in the context of this culture war we find ourselves fighting, even if we don’t think we’re in the battle. It cannot be escaped. In a piece at Breakpoint, the authors claim that Christians have accepted “the assumptions about children that largely go unquestioned in our culture.” One of those widely assumed is “that children are a choice.” It is disturbing to think some Christians actually believe this, and even think, if they think about it at all, that this is a biblical position. It is not! If you do a word search in the Bible for children, there are 377 instances, and it is very clear as you read through them that children have nothing to do with choice. Children are a fact of marriage, the logical conclusion of God making us male and female. And it isn’t just Scripture that makes that obvious, but the biology of our bodies the secularist are so desperate to deny.

In the other piece by Kevin DeYoung at The Gospel Coalition he argues that having more children, and discipling them like crazy, “is a culture war strategy Christians should get behind.” I love his suggestion that Christians should, “Strongly consider having more children than you think you can handle.” Too many Christians make “what they can handle” the determining factor on how many children they can have, not God’s command to be fruitful and multiply. I could not agree with him more when he says:

There is almost nothing more counter-cultural than having more children. And once we have those children, there is almost nothing more important than catechizing them in the faith, developing their moral framework, and preparing them to be deeply compassionate lovers of God and lovers of people and relentlessly biblical lovers of truth.

I can attest that there is nothing more fulfilling and gratifying in life than raising children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. If I knew then what I know now, as the saying goes, I would in partnership with my wife have done what DeYoung exhorts Christians to do, have more children than we thought we could handle. It’s too late for us, but in addition to the untold blessing such gifts from God provide, we might have had an even bigger effect on the culture war. The blessings are far more important, of course, but the war exists, and fight we must.

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