Greek Gum and my Ongoing Health Epiphany

Greek Gum and my Ongoing Health Epiphany

As I often tell people, when Donald Trump came down the escalator to announce his run for president at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, something profound happened. For me, like many people, it was the beginning of an unknown red-pill experience none of us asked for. I had no idea at the time because I thought it was a joke. Trump president? Don’t make me laugh. To say the least I wasn’t a fan. I explore some of the consequences of that experience in the book I’m finishing, but one of the significant ongoing of those consequences for millions of Americans is health. It started with the Covid catastrophe, which would have never happened if there was no Trump. It caused millions of Americans to question modern medicine, and the medical-Big Pharma industrial complex. Even for those who haven’t had this experience and still believe everything America does about health, they probably don’t trust the “experts” like they once did.

Indoctrinated is a strong word with negative connotations I want to use, but am hesitant because it implies people doing the indoctrinating are doing it in bad faith. We use it as a synonym for brainwashing. We can also use the word programmed, which also comes with negative connotations. Whatever we call it, we have been taught to see the world in a certain way. I often refer to this as a plausibility structure, the mental building in which we live that causes us to see certain things as real or believable whether they are or not. It causes us to take what happens in life for granted as just the way things are. There is nothing inherently nefarious about this process. It doesn’t imply some kind of cabal of people perpetrating conspiracies, a word now used to silence anyone who questions the leftist “narrative.”

This natural human process of creating a plausible world is not only inevitable in every culture in every time and place, but necessary. The late sociologist Peter Berger discusses this concept in his 1960s books The Sacred Canopy and The Social Construction of Reality. Whatever our worldview comes to be, there are an infinite number of influences that make it so. Which is the reason it’s so hard to change. In previous times we referred to a radical change in our perception of something a paradigm shift, now thanks to the movie The Matrix, we call it being red pilled, and boy of boy have I been red pilled since Trump came on the scene. Modern medicine and health has been a huge one, in fact so big I have no idea how I was able to swallow it, but swallow it I did. If I were to boil down what I’ve learned over the last three plus years I think it would be this:

God created our bodies to heal themselves.

For those of us who are Christians that’s kind of anticlimactic, right? That’s it? Yep, but this new understanding proverbially turned my world upside down, or more accurately right side up. It is impossible to convey how profoundly those seven little words changed my understanding of everything to do with health, and still are. What makes this revelation from Almighty God himself so revelatory? The current perspective we all have, or had, of modern medicine is the answer.

As I’ve learned over the last few years this is a long story, but to put it simply, we’ve been programmed/indoctrinated/taught to see what heals us is medicine, something that comes from outside of us and is made by human beings in a lab. We see diseases like rolling snake eyes or getting a pair of twos, just bad luck, and only medicine can heal us. While it can treat symptoms it can do nothing for underlying causes, and therein lies the disaster that is modern medicine and the dismal state of American health. But this is what I believed until God used the response to Covid to open my eyes.

On October 3, 2021, I wrote a post titled, “How I was Programmed by Modern Medicine” using the Netflix series The Last Kingdom to show just how programmed I was. I look back at that and I’m shocked. I really believed that? I state in the piece, “It never occurred to me, literally, that things that grow out of the ground could have healing effects on the human body. That’s what medicine did.” As I say, I believed in the amazing God-created human immune system, but thought without modern medicine the body really couldn’t heal itself. And I thought it was pure “Hollywood” that implied things growing out of the ground could heal us. Ugh.  In the summer of 2020 I started to learn about the foundation of modern medicine, something called germ theory. Like everyone else I’d heard of it, but I had no idea what the implications were of accepting this as our mental architecture for what health means.

There are certain things in our culture that we dare not question lest we endure the wrath of “the consensus,” and one of those is germ theory. I recently read a book called Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William P. Trebing, and I highly recommend it if you want your health paradigm completely messed with. Trebing is more cynical than I am and the subtitle of the book indicates that: “ending a century of medical fraud and how to protect your family.” As I’ve told my own friends and family, if someone read this prior to spring 2020, nothing about the Covid catastrophe would have surprised them, nothing. I believe almost everyone involved in modern medicine is well-meaning and is convinced they are helping people, and often they are. But modern medicine is doing incalculable damage to millions of people all over the world. If that statement makes you angry with me, or makes you think I’m off my rocker, I would just encourage you to be open and read a book like this. You may not agree with everything he says, I certainly don’t, or come to his conclusions, but at the least it will cause you to question where you hadn’t before, and be more discerning about the health of you and your family. What you do with it is all your choice.

So, what has this to do with Greek gum? My cousin, Dr. Greg Brannon, was instrumental in guiding me through this journey of discovery. We grew up together, almost exactly the same age, and he knew he wanted to be a doctor from when we were five years old. He was an OB-GYN for thirty years, and then founded Optimal Bio, a bioidentical hormone replacement business eight or nine years ago. He went through his own health epiphany some time ago as well—it didn’t take Covid.


This video from their Optimal Bio podcast explains the Greek gum, and Greg’s daughter, Tyler, interviews the young man who started the business selling said gum. She also runs the business. It’s impossible to convey how much this short discussion about gum, and so much more, put yet more things together for me. You’ll hear them mention something I never heard in sixty years prior trusting modern medicine, gut health. Back in 2021 listening to their podcasts and also heard a phrase I’d never heard before, and which took me a while to wrap my mind around: food is medicine. Indeed it is! And the way God intended it to be. Modern medicine can absolutely be a blessing when you really need it. It’s awe inspiring what God has allowed human beings to invent and learn, but every health indicator in America has gotten worse over the last several decades because we’ve come to trust the medical profession and not the human body and immune system for our health care. I very much encourage you to listen to this, and learn.

Dr. Robert Malone’s Red Pill Experience Interview

Dr. Robert Malone’s Red Pill Experience Interview

In my next international best-selling book (no laughing!) I’m currently finishing, my first chapter is titled, “Red Pills and the Next Great Awakening.” The book is basically my red pill journey that started when Donald Trump came down that golden escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, unbeknownst to me. In fact, I completely ignored “the news” because Donald Trump had about as much chance of becoming President of the United States as Bozo the Clown. I remember confidently telling my wife in October of that year, “Donald Trump will never be president.” God had different plans. One of the arguments I make in the book is that God is the providential sovereign ruler of history. Nothing, absolutely nothing, not one single thing, happens at any level that he doesn’t ordain, either causing directly or allowing to happen. We have no idea how he controls all things, but Scripture clearly teaches us he does.

I also say that while the book and why I wrote it has everything to do with Trump, in a way it has nothing to do with him. In other words it isn’t about him, but God using him to trigger a Great Awakening, the one we are currently living through, and in my mind is only just beginning. I couldn’t help thinking of my argument and the case I attempt to make in the book when I heard this interview with Dr. Robert Malone on the Optimal Bio Podcast. Dr. Greg Brannon is my cousin, born three weeks after me, and we grew up together. He was an OBGYN for 30 years and founded Optimal Bio ten years ago give or take. As the Covid debacle got under way, he was instrumental in educating me about modern medicine and health in general. My rethinking all of that was part of my Red Pill experience, none of which would have happened without Donald Trump shocking the world and becoming President of the United States.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Malone, he is the inventor of the mRNA technology that was a huge player in the Covid drama. Everything about him was center-left conventional thinking prior to Covid. What the medical, government, and media establishments did to him is shocking, but predictable, and woke him up to truths he was reluctant to see. He wrote a book recounting his very uncomfortable experience called Lies My Government Told Me. I encourage you to watch the interview for a window into our fascinating times.

Elon Musk: The Destruction of California and “As Long as It’s True . . . .”

Elon Musk: The Destruction of California and “As Long as It’s True . . . .”

If you want to see what the progressive neo-Marxist woke left (all synonyms) is doing to try to destroy America and the West, you need to watch this episode of The Rubin Report: “Elon Musk Invited Me to Twitter HQ & It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine.” The worse has to do with his visit to Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, and what he witnessed outside the building. He addresses the blight in Los Angeles as well. It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s totally believable because this is what happens when leftists implement their policies in once great cities.

He starts with a video of now Governor Gavin Newsom from fifteen years ago when he was mayor of San Francisco talking about a “ten-year plan” to address homelessness. To say his plan failed doesn’t do justice to the concept of failure. If my math is correct, fifteen years ago was 2009. I had to visit San Francisco in 2014 for a business trip, and even then the homeless problem disgusted me. I couldn’t walk outside my hotel without being accosted by a homeless person. Now its orders of magnitude worse. Please watch it. We must understand what the scourge of neo-Marxist wokism is doing to our country, and watching will make the consequences abundantly clear.

I encourage you to watch through to Rubin’s interview with the wildly popular Republican mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez. One reason this young man gets the greatness of America and promotes its values in Miami is because his father was born in Cuba where communism isn’t theoretical. Contrast the quality of life in Miami to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and it becomes clear which two of these visions and realities, Suarez or Newsom, is America and which is hell on earth. Which wins out in the end, and I’m confident it will be America, is what drives the contrast between the two visions, lies or truth.

As I’ve written here before, I believe the dividing line in Western culture is Truth. Last year I saw Elon Musk in a Ted Talk interview say something along the lines of him being obsessed with truth, that all he cares about is truth. In the last handful of years we’ve witnessed this dividing line in American culture in ways as obvious as an earthquake, and as destructive as moving tectonic plates. On one side of those plates are the synonym people, the progressive neo-Marxist woke left, who believe might makes right in pursuit of their ideological agenda; there is no truth in their world. On the other side are people who believe in truth, that it exists in objective reality, cannot be escaped, and that the goal of life is the pursuit of truth. These people are on our side, the side of Christians who believe truth is ultimately incarnational in our God and Savior who said he was The Truth. I also believe they are closer to the gospel because truth is ultimately not an abstract logical/rational deduction about the nature of things but is Jesus!

When Rubin asks Musk if he can share what he’s learned in his visit to Twitter, Musk replied, “As long as it’s true.” Even though I would expect that coming from Musk having heard the TED Talk, I was still blown away because it’s so rare among globalist elites like Musk. Nothing in this third decade of the 21st century could be more counter cultural, and take more guts, than the world’s richest man saying he doesn’t care what’s said about the way he’s running the world’s most influential media communications platform as long as it’s the truth. The pressure on him to kowtow to the synonym people is unimaginable, and why Christians should be his biggest cheerleaders.

Providentially, as I was writing this post I came across a piece about “Where People Moved in 2022.” It won’t surprise us that the two states referenced above are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Free State of Florida, our home, had a net migration of +318,355, and the once great and now woke state of California -343,230. That means over 300,000 more people left California than moved in. I was born and raised in southern California with it was called “The Golden State.” All my relatives came from Sicily to New York and Boston and in the 1920s and 40s moved to Southern California. We thought it was the greatest piece of geography on earth, the place where the world came to live the American dream. Sadly, the synonym people have completely ruined it.


Another “Deconversion” Story: What About the Resurrection?

Another “Deconversion” Story: What About the Resurrection?

It seems deconversions, from Christianity, are a popular thing now. Those that get attention on the Internet are people who are well known for one reason or another, and given these people advertise their trek away from Christianity, it’s worth considering their rationales for abandoning their faith in Christ. One I came across yesterday was a gentleman who attended the seminary my wife an I graduated from some years ago, Westminster Seminary Philadelphia. In addition to being a long-time Christian, he was also a musician, “Influential Christian Rapper and Westminster Theological Seminary Grad Denounces Christianity.” I would encourage anyone to carefully read his reverse testimony, and note why he decided to denounce his faith in Christ. (more…)

Tim Keller’s Unfortunate Moral Equivalence Between Left and Right

Tim Keller’s Unfortunate Moral Equivalence Between Left and Right

I love and respect Tim Keller, immensely. Not only was he our pre-marital counselor when my wife and I were in seminary back in 1987, but his teaching has been a significant blessing to me both theologically and apologetically. I also pray for him daily as he deals with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. However, when he wades into discussions of politics he often loses me. Over the years I’ve always questioned the way he focuses on “social justice.” The phrase is loaded with political and ideological baggage, specifically Marxist baggage, and I do not believe Christians should use it. All justice is by definition social, so there is no need to use the phrase, and when they do Christians play into the hands of the leftist mob that dominates so much of political and cultural discourse. But here I want to address the issue of Keller’s moral equivalence between left and right.  (more…)

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty and The Desire for God

This is blog post number two (here is #1) from the book Cultural Apologetics by Paul Gould. This sentence caused me to sit up and wonder:

The first step toward reenchantment is to reawaken within ourselves and others the deeper desires of the heart for truth, goodness, and beauty, which in turn will arouse the heart’s deepest desire—a desire and love for God.

I will explain why this struck me, but first I need to explain the word “reenchantment.” The first part of the book deals with the disenchantment of the modern secular world. This world, it doesn’t surprise us, is de-spiritualized. It is portrayed as merely material, and if matter is all there is, then matter is all there is. There can be no such things as transcendent concepts of, for example, truth, goodness, and beauty. In other words, those concepts don’t actually exist. In a purely material universe they can only be subjective projections of human thoughts or feelings because matter can’t be true, or good, or beautiful. It can only be matter, stuff, atoms in motion. Truth, goodness, and beauty don’t exist “out there,” objectively in nature, they exist only in our minds. There is no way to refute this simple fact if materialism is the nature of things. (more…)