If you’ve ever had any kind of conversation with a hard core Darwinist, especially of the most ignorant kind, you’ll have heard the phrase, “Evolution is a fact.” This statement is affirmed in the most cocksure way, as if nobody with half a brain would question it. Or if you work in the biological sciences, or work at a university, Darwinian orthodoxy is the faith that shall not be questioned. You know how weak a position or idea is if totalitarian tactics are required to silence heretics, and keep everyone else in line. Reminds me of a certain virus that too shall not be questioned. We find, however, when we question “the narrative,” whatever that is, that maybe there are other ways to look at things, other facts to be considered that challenge the orthodoxy. It so happens that Darwinian evolution (random mutation through natural selection, and magically everything that exists, exists!) is a very weak orthodoxy, and a truly open-minded inquisitor will likely find it so regardless of whatever religious presuppositions he brings to the table. Neil Thomas is one of those, and I think you will enjoy hearing about his journey to Darwinian skeptic even as an agnostic. It’s a fun interview, and you’ll remember it next time some snotty Darwinist insists that, “Evolution is a fact!” Uh, no is it not!


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